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Picture This: 

You have a nutrition plan designed to balance your hormones and achieve a waistline you love. You feel confident and sexy as hell strutting your gorgeous body on the beach this summer. 

No more covering up with baggy t-shirts and struggling to fit into those jeans. This nutrition plan is 100% tailored to your personal body chemistry and designed to orchestrate the biochemical changes needed to balance your beautiful body.

-Feel amazing no matter what you're wearing -or not wearing ;)

How Does it Work? 

Upon enrollment, you'll receive a form that allows you to get your blood work done at a clinic near you. Based on your personal levels, weight loss goals, as well as food, likes and dislikes, a food plan will then be created just for you. You are so unique and deserve to have a nutrition plan that speaks to that. 

No more guessing what your proper portions are, which foods to eat, how to eat or even when to eat. 

Your bikini ready nutrition plan has you covered babe.  

Your Bikini Ready Nutrition Plan Includes:

:: A Requisition forms to get your blood work done

This is your golden ticket to getting your blood work done and getting a sneak peak of what's actually going on in your body. I speak to over a hundred people sometimes in just one day about nutrition. Everyone has the intention of getting healthy, healing their body and getting fit but has no real clue as to what's going on in their body. If you're trying to lose weight but your c-reactive protein, TSH or even glucose levels are too high, you'll find yourself hitting a wall and constantly crashing. By knowing your levels you have a clear window on how to bring everything to a proper balance. 

:: Your personalized meal plan

You are 100% unique and deserve a nutrition plan that speaks to that. The foods and portions of your nutrition plan are tailored to your food likes, dislikes, weight goals and of course, your personal blood levels. Your body is miraculous and a genius. Your body knows how to heal itself, repair, rebuild, balance out and of course slim down. It's in your nature, however, life gets busy and there's just so many food options out there that are secretly hurting your beautiful body. This is where the mix-up happens. Does this sound familiar? You either skip meals, eat too many meals and consume too much of what's easy, cheap and fast to take on the go. By the end of the day you're feeling bloated, uncomfortable and a few sizes bigger. Don't sweat it -I've totally been there! Your personal food plan is going to take away all the guessing and give you the exact guidance you need. By the end of it, you'll have the confidence to make healthy choices while still enjoying some vino and chocolate while feeling amazing in your body. 

:: One-on-one coaching

You'll have all the support you need to integrate your nutrition plan and new healthy habits into your daily routine. I'll personally be there to support and guide you throughout your entire 8-week program. You'll have a total of six one-on-one coaching calls and email support in between sessions. I understand that stress from work, day-to-day life, and even relationships can interfere with motivation and productivity. So no matter what pop us, you'll have the support you need. 

:: Your personal grocery list

You'll be spending less time grocery shopping because you'll always know exactly what you need + you'll be saving money too. Your nutrition plan has a wide variety of veggies, fruits, and protein which caters to meat lovers and vegetarians. Because you'll only be needing the foods on your personal plan you'll be saving a tun on all the other filler foods that would have otherwise made their way into your cart. 

Why This Plan Work So Well: 

Three reasons: 

1) You start seeing the weight drop from day one. Each morning you'll wake up seeing the difference in your body. You'll have more energy, your stomach will feel flatter and your clothing will fit better. That's how great this plan is. When you're giving your body the nutrients it craves your body starts working at optimal levels of performance. Success breeds success so you'll find your bikini ready nutrition plan FUN and easy to follow.

2) Your nutrition plan is designed to give your body the nutrients it's lacking which is another reason why you start feeling so good so quickly. There's no other nutrition plan like this. 

3) You have the support you need. Over the years I've shared the same tips, tricks, and knowledge that I give my clients to my friends and colleges. My clients always do so amazing and yet my colleges and friends find themselves struggling. What's the difference? SUPPORT! We all need support when it comes time to create new habits. 

This is just 3 reasons why you are going to L-O-V-E your bikini ready nutrition plan.  

Get ready to strip down into your bikini and strut your gorgeous body on the beach this summer cause you're getting bikini ready! 

Who Is Bikini Ready Nutrition Plan Designed For?

If you're wanting to shed the weight, create healthy eating habits, and love the way you feel in your body no matter what you're wearing, or not wearing, then this is for you. 

Results are different from person to person. From thyroid levels and red blood cell count to inflammatory markers and liver enzymes. We're all so unique. From my personal experience with my own clients, I've noticed an average of 25-30lbs lost in three months. I personally myself went down almost 8-10lbs in two weeks without working out. If your goal is to lose more than 15 lbs you'll most definitely need to stay on the plan for longer than 8 weeks. Regardless of how much you have to lose, you'll have the tools you need to keep dropping as well as to maintain. 

Who Is This Not For?

This program requires the willingness to try new foods, incorporate new habits, being open to change and new concepts. You're required to cook all your meals, consume zero alcohol and no sugar (other than the natural sugars found in the fruits and grains on your plan) for at least the first 16 days. There is also no working out aloud during your first 14 days, aside from daily walks and light stretching. If you are not open to being committed to this than this plan is not for you.

Some questions you might have:

+ Is this going to be a big time commitment? Your meal plan is going to provide structure and balance to your life. As long as you have your food in your fridge ahead of time, you’re golden! Plus, I’ll be sharing my tips on how to prep ahead so your meals are ready for grab and go. 

+ What if, I’m the worst cook in the world? The beautiful thing about your meal plan is that it takes all the guessing out of cooking. Simply stick to your guideline and I promise the creativity will flow. To top it off I will also be sharing fun and easy recipes for extra inspiration. Before you know it, you’re going to feel like a chef and LOVE all your meals.

+ What about cravings? The foods and portion on your personal list will balance your blood sugar levels within days (this is what leads to never-ending hunger spells and cravings). In fact, the only foods you’re going to crave will be the new foods on your personal plan.

+ Is this really for me? If you are fed up with struggling to fit into your jeans, wearing oversized t-shirts to cover up the muffin top, and sweating the idea of wearing a bikini, then hell yes! This program was made for you.

Can I Get A Refund If I'm Unhappy With The Program? 

Absolutely! I would be more than happy to refund the difference after deductions for your blood work, meal plan, and unused coaching sessions. 

Your blood work and meal plan are paid out to your provincial health care and the team of doctors at Metabolic Balance that design everything specific to you. Since both of these are non-retrievable products and require a payout to a third party no amount of refund can be put into place. However, both remain yours forever and can be used at your leisure. As sad as I would be to see you go I would be more than happy to refund you for any coaching sessions that have not been used.

Important: In order to be eligible for a refund you must attend and complete at least three coaching session. I understand how scary investing in yourself can be and that fear can play a scary role when it comes time to take action. I also know in my heart that if you invest your time in the program you will reap the benefits and be incredibly pleased. I trust that you will make an informed decision with what is in your best interest before making this investment in you. 


 Chelsey  Marie
Chelsey Marie

Hi there, I'm Chelsey Marie! An entrepreneur, blogger, public speaker & incurable optimistic who's dedicated to helping you push through all the crap that's holding you back. I'm here to lovingly guide you in stepping up into the super badass, untouchable force of greatness you were born to be. It all starts with feeling good and tapping into the deepest wisdom within you. That's where I come in.

As a Board Certified Health Coach (AADP), Life Coach, Metabolic Balance Coach and Supplement Specialist -I live and breathe this stuff. I've got the knowledge, tools and personal life experience to guide you in creating a foundation that makes you thrive and brings forth the absolute happiest, healthiest, most creative and fun-loving side of you into your personal and professional life every-single-day.