Fit Nutrition

Chelsey Marie

A 12-week nutrition program for women who want to lose the weight once and for all, feed their body real nutrition (none of that packaged crap) and feel amazing in their body.

WHAT IF ... You had a food plan based on your unique blood levels designed to balance your hormones and orchestrate the biochemical changes for your desired weight and health goals? 

You feel healthier than you have in years, sexier than ever, and have all the energy you need to fuel your body and create your impact.

This doesn't have to be a what it factor. You have me, Chelsey Marie, as your personal Health Coach and my program to guide you along your journey of stepping into the healthiest, most powerful version of you.

Here's the thing -It's so much more than just clean eating.

I get it! You wish your thighs were a tad thinner (maybe a lot thinner) or that you had a six pack instead of a few rolls (totally been there!). You want to get rid of that muffin top and feel strong, sexy and confident while strutting your stuff in a bikini along the beach. I mean what women doesn't want to turn heads. 

I can teach you everything you need to know about fit nutrition and guide you on how to properly lose the weight. In fact, I have THE PERFECT program just for you. Not just any program, but a program that's 100% tailored to you to your food likes and dislikes as well as your personal body chemistry. 

We can talk more about that in a minute, right now I want to explain to you that feeling amazing in your body is a side effect of taking care of you. Not by looking thin or a by being a certain dress size. It's a feeling you cultivate from within when you invest in your wellbeing. 

AND THAT is what I'm teaching you -How to invest time & create habits that will leave you feeling like a million bucks. 

The work you do, your relationships, home environment, social life and mindset all play a role in your wellbeing. My mission is to support you in cultivating a solid foundation that not only sheds the weight but sustainably fuels your body, business, and lifestyle goals.

The beautiful thing about investing in your wellbeing is that it doesn't just change one thing. Your body and life is a package deal so when you invest in one area it affects all others. 

It's about falling in love with you and the life you create.

"Chelsey is the entire package; a nutritionist who provided me with a food plan customized to fit my individual wellness needs and my food likes and dislikes. She supported me emotionally in finding clarity about why I, so often, sabotaged my food goals. Without judgment, Chelsey gently helped me dig deep in finding clarity about what I needed to do in order to find purpose and feel fulfilled during a transition in my life. Together, we discovered what I needed in order to feel energized and connected to myself, others and the world itself. By being open and tapping into Chelsey's compassionate guidance, I have found a new sense of vitality and joy. Chelsey gave me the courage to jump in and experience things I was fearful of doing before. She is a life coach who understands that each facet of your life affects the other parts, and she takes that approach in order for you to achieve results. Chelsey's goal is to support you in obtaining a sustainable lifestyle plan that nurtures you physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am very grateful for Chelsey's support, her knowledge, and her natural ability to connect all my life dots." 

~ Diana Reyers /Victoria, British-Columbia

How does it work? 

  • Upon enrollment, you'll receive specialty forms that grant you access to getting extensive blood work at a clinic near you. You'll also have access to your back office login area where you can immediately get started on your journey while waiting for your results and meal plan
  • Once your blood work results are in it's only a matter of days until you have your personal food plan
  • Once you have your meal plan we'll schedule your first one-on-one session and put together a plan tailored to your personal goals
  • During your first 3 weeks, we'll have weekly coaching session so you feel confident in your new adjustments. During each call, you'll receive handouts and fun worksheets to keep you moving forward outside our coaching calls
  • Your fourth and fifth session are by-weekly and your sixth session is during month three. At this point, you're feeling confident in your food choices and have found your happy bliss between balancing work, relationships, and you-time
  • Your back office content is yours to keep forever. And don't worry, I love checking in with my clients even after they graduate from my program

 Chelsey  Marie
Chelsey Marie

Hi there, I'm Chelsey Marie! An entrepreneur, blogger, public speaker & incurable optimistic who's dedicated to helping you push through all the crap that's holding you back. I'm here to lovingly guide you in stepping up into the super badass, untouchable force of greatness you were born to be. It all starts with feeling good and tapping into the deepest wisdom within you. That's where I come in.

As a Board Certified Health Coach (AADP), Life Coach, Metabolic Balance Coach and Supplement Specialist -I live and breathe this stuff. I've got the knowledge, tools and personal life experience to guide you in creating a foundation that makes you thrive and brings forth the absolute happiest, healthiest, most creative and fun-loving side of you into your personal and professional life every-single-day.