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What exactly is Nutrition Academy? 

Nutrition Academy is an 8-week, interactive, online coaching program that teaches smart nutrition and heartcore habits to women who are determined to live a great life. Women who want to create an impact in the world while feeling fabulous in their body, but struggle with feeling overwhelmed and finding their energy.

Whether you’ve created a ton of success or you're making your way into the world of entrepreneurship, Nutrition Academy will challenge you to grow and equip you with the tools and knowledge to share your brilliance without compromising your health. It’s designed to fuel your body so you can live your greatest life. 

Who is Nutrition Academy for?

If you want to create your impact in the world without the burnout, while feeling amazing in your body and healthy to your core, Nutrition Academy is for you.

Who is Nutrition Academy not for? 

If you're looking for a quick fix, Nutrition Academy is not for you. This program requires the willingness to try new foods, incorporate new habits, being open to change and new concepts. This program is also not about catering to a busy life, but rather creating space in your everyday practice to allow room for growth.

"Chelsey is the entire package; a nutritionist who provided me with a food plan customized to fit my individual wellness needs and my food likes and dislikes. She supported me emotionally in finding clarity about why I, so often, sabotaged my food goals. Without judgment, Chelsey gently helped me dig deep in finding clarity about what I needed to do in order to find purpose and feel fulfilled during a transition in my life. Together, we discovered what I needed in order to feel energized and connected to myself, others and the world itself. By being open and tapping into Chelsey's compassionate guidance, I have found a new sense of vitality and joy. Chelsey gave me the courage to jump in and experience things I was fearful of doing before. She is a life coach who understands that each facet of your life affects the other parts, and she takes that approach in order for you to achieve results. Chelsey's goal is to support you in obtaining a sustainable lifestyle plan that nurtures you physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am very grateful for Chelsey's support, her knowledge, and her natural ability to connect all my life dots." 

~ Diana Reyers /Victoria, British-Columbia

As a student of Nutrition Academy you will: 

  • Feel healthier and more energized than you have in years. This new sense of vitality is going to have you feeling like a million bucks. 
  • Wake up feeling restored and refreshed. 
  • Feel amazing in your body and love your waistline. Your skin, hair, and nails are all going to reflect your healthy choices. You're simply going to glow from the inside out ;)
  • Confidently choose foods and habits that amplify your brilliance.
  • Unleash your inner moxie and the most creative side of you. 
  • Live your fullest life and create heartcore success.

"I like to think that I know a thing or two about healthy living and active lifestyles and I do. I am a certified Nutritionist and have been working with all types of women and men for nearly a decade now. I have seen and experienced myself many challenges when it comes to healthy eating habits, long-term goals, weight loss, fatigue and so on. It wasn't until I was introduced to Chelsey’s knowledge in the field that my life and others around me changed. Chelsey changed my diet. Because of how good I feel I have opened up my way of viewing food and changed my traditional practices drastically. No longer do I count calories, think too hard about my next meal but instead it comes pretty naturally. Chelsey’s action plan is easy and it should be; it is natural and the way we are intended to fuel our bodies. I am thankful to have met her and learn from such a well practiced, knowledgeable young woman."

  ~Amy k. Wilson/Kelowna, British-Columbia 

How does it work? 

  • Upon enrollment, you'll have access to your starter pack which provides you with everything you need to know about getting started. 
  • Once enrolled you'll receive specialty forms that grant you access to getting extensive blood work at a clinic near you. 
  • During prep week (March 13 - March 19) you'll receive your personal food plan based on your unique blood values, food likes and dislikes.
  • The curriculum is released in weekly modules and shared by video, handouts and fun worksheets.
  • Weekly group coaching calls with your personal coach Chelsey Marie. You have the option to schedule your sessions on either Monday mornings at 9:00 or Tuesday evenings at 6:30.
  • Audio's by specialty guest speakers. 
  • A private Facebook group to share progress, connect with like-minded women and for on-going support.
  • The content is yours to keep forever. You're also welcome to repeat the program live with other classmates each time the program is released. 

Your curriculum looks like this:

Week 1 -Prep Week 

Learn the art of getting organized and how it actually serves a masterful tool in letting go. Discover how being mindful of what's deserving of your space is a key element in building your core foundation. Get crystal clear on your 8-week intentions and officially start implementing the changes you wish to see. 

Module 1 -Smart Nutrition For Your Unique Biochemistry

Learn why it’s essential to know exactly what’s in the foods you’re eating and the effects it has on your body, beauty, and business. Discover the three major foods that are running the world yet draining your energy and depleting your nutrients. Understand how to choose the right foods for your unique biochemistry and finally feel confident about the food choices you make. ** In this module you'll receive a Metabolic Balance food plan that’s based upon an in-depth analysis of your unique blood values. This meal plan is literally tailored to your personal biochemistry to balance your hormones, create a deeper mind-body connection, and orchestrate the biochemical changes needed for a waistline you love and a happy heart.

Module 2 -Primary Food

Learn how great health and happiness starts with falling in love with you. Discover why food alone will never fully top you up and the missing links that serve you to thrive. Understand how to use your daily thoughts and habits as a masterful tool in creating the life your heart desires and the three things you need to exercise in order to create massive shifts. 

Module 3 -Core Foundation

Learn the 5 fundamentals that will either rev your engine and fuel you like no amount of coffee ever could, or hold you back from making any progress whatsoever. Transform sugar-filled treats into mouth-watering recipes that provide your body with real doses of nutrition. Consciously cultivate a daily practice that makes you feel like a million bucks.  

Module 4 -Step Up

Learn how your most powerful tool can keep you physically trapped from living the life you crave if not correctly used. Discover why being completely honest with yourself is the only way to fully live with purpose. Explore the opportunities that surround you every day and how one simple yes can create a ripple effect that completely transforms your world.

Module 5 -Elite Nutrition

Learn the two life-changing hacks that will transition your health from feeling good to glamorous. Finally, get access to the one and only superfood list that saves thousands on supplements and Botox! Plus top secrets that spark creative juices and radiate natural beauty –this sh*t is real, whole food real. 

Module 6 -Key to Heartcore Success 

Discover the easy button strategy that unleashes the absolute most creative, talented, savvy, sexy, brilliant, heart filled, upbeat version of you. A source a fuel that truly keeps the momentum going. Unlock how to use your uniqueness as a lethal weapon that acts as your very own GPS system that guides you in living your greatest life of all.

"Chelsey has taught me easy ways to have a healthier diet and overall lifestyle. So happy to have someone so passionate about health to educate me on how to get started on my own lifestyle change!"

~Karla Olsen/ Kelowna, British-Columbia

What if I don’t like Chelsey Marie’s Nutrition Academy program? Can I get a refund? 

Absolutely. You can try the program for two weeks, until March 26, 2017. If you do the work and are unhappy with the material that’s been delivered to you then we would be more than happy to refund the difference after deductions for blood work and meal plan. 

Your blood work and meal plan are paid out to your provincial health care and the team of doctors at Metabolic Balance that design everything specific to you. Since both of these are non-retrievable products and require a payout to a third party no amount of refund can be put into place. However, both remain yours forever and can be used at your leisure. Chelsey Marie is more than happy to refund you on her personal course material. 

Important: In order to be eligible for a refund you must submit all the homework completed for the weeks released and attend one of two coaching calls. We understand how scary investing in yourself can be and that fear can play a scary role when it comes time to take action. We also know in our heart that if you invest your time in the program you will reap the benefits and be ever so pleased. 

 Chelsey  Marie
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